#003 - How to become resilient, so your business survives the test of time

Welcome to The Resilient & Soulful Entrepreneur Podcast. In this episode I talk about the winning mindset you need to take yourself the distance in entrepreneurship. It’s important to cultivate sustainable growth, and the right mindset can allow you to navigate the ups and downs that come with running a business. The aim is to not quit – because quitting out dreams would be tragic.

See what’s in today’s episode:

[1:50]- Shocking Forbes statistics

[2:50] – Why mindset is so important in going the distance in business

[3:30] – Surround yourself with likeminded people

[5:13] – Write down your yearly goals, and break them down

[7:14] – Evaluate how far you’ve come

[09:11] – Stop saying I can’t, or I wish – why your language is important

[11:38] – Stay loyal to your dreams by figuring out your vision

[13:03] – Prepare yourself mentally for the ups and downs of business


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