#016 – How you can start attracting an audience of clients who want to work with you using conscious marketing and branding


In today’s episode I’ll take you through some questions that will help you define your audience, dive deep into your brand, and align that with your positioning and messaging so that you always attract the right clients on repeat, sustainably, and consciously.

See what’s in today’s episode:

[01:29] – Finding who you want to support, and creating revenue with a small audience

[02:28] – Your brands direction and how this affects your audience

[03:51] – What makes you the no-brainer choice for your potential clients and how this affects your positioning

[05:14] – Brand archetypes that let you form deeper relationships with your ideal clients

[06:45] – What helps you attract the right people

[07:50] – Bonus tip that helps you align your offers with what your clients actually need


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